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Rug Doctor Pro Deep Motorized Upholstery Tool

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  • Rug Doctor Pro Deep Motorized Upholstery Tool
  • Pro Deep Carpet Cleaner Required
  • Rug Doctor Pro Deep Motorized Upholstery Tool
  • Rug Doctor Pro Deep Motorized Upholstery Tool
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Add versatility to your Pro Deep Commercial Carpet Cleaner with the motorized upholstery tool attachment. A powerful motorized brush does the scrub work for you while commercial-grade suction removes set-in dirt, grime, stains, and odors for professional results. The brush features a 5-inch cleaning path and four rows of stationary bristles to target dirt and stains from every side.  
  • Powerful, pro-grade suction power lifts stains and odors from carpet fibers and fabrics.
  • Motorized brush does the scrubbing for you –  just spray, scrub and extract.
  • Perfect for cleaning carpet, area rugs, upholstery, stairs, mattresses, pet beds, auto interiors, RV’s and more. 
  • For use with Pro Deep Commercial Carpet Cleaner Machine ONLY. 
  • Recommended for use with Rug Doctor Rug & Upholstery cleaning solution for optimal cleaning results.
The Rug Doctor Pro Motorized Upholstery Tool offers a specialized deep cleaning experience for home, office and auto upholstery, leaving them fresh and renewed without damaging delicate materials and fabrics. Easily attaching to the front of the Pro-Deep Carpet Cleaner machine, the tool head operates with a simple flip of a toggle switch and couples the brush’s motorized rotating bristles with strong suctioning power to remove even the deepest set stains. The 5-inch cleaning path features four rows of stationary bristles, two on either side of the rotating function, targeting stains from every side as it moves swiftly, taking spots, soils and odors with it. Users can watch as the dirty water is extracted from the surface into the attachment’s clear nozzle and redirected into the machine’s dirty water tank. Rug Doctor’s Pro-Deep Motorized Upholstery Tool Head extends the life of upholstery by deodorizing and removing stubborn stains for refreshed surfaces that look like new.
  • Motorized Brush with Strong Suction Attaches to Pro-Deep Carpet Cleaner to Remove Tough Stains, Soils and Lingering Odors; Ideal for Home and Car Detailing
  • Curved motorized 2 staggered rows of rotating bristles and 4 stationary rows of material smoothing brushes for a total of 86 deep-cleaning bristle clusters.
  • Dual action brushes extract out dirt and filth from top to bottom of upholstery material and push it toward the contoured suction canal at the front of the upholstery tool head.
  • The motorized brush tool head easily attaches to the front of the Rug Doctor Pro-Deep Carpet Cleaner machine, for an easy-to-use assembly that’s ready to work quickly when needed.
  • The tool is easy to clean; simply wipe the tool head with a paper towel to remove any lint or hair from brush.
  • Upholstery attachment tool can be operational with a simple flip of a toggle switch on the machine.
  • An ergonomically designed trigger sprayer applies the cleaning solution to the surface as the rotating brushes do all the scrubbing work so users don’t have to.
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