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Belle Epoque Grey Reed Diffuser

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  • Belle Epoque Grey Reed Diffuser
  • Belle Epoque Grey Reed Diffuser
  • Belle Epoque Grey Reed Diffuser
  • Belle Epoque Grey Reed Diffuser
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The Belle Epoque collection is a re-issue of one of these iconic design from between the war era. The collection reveals elegant packaging with timeless and classic graphics. A classical touch for the contemporary interior.
Pre-filled with Sandalwood Temptation Fragrance, woody & enticing scent with milky notes.

Reed Diffuser sold in a gift pack with a 250ml Sandalwood Temptation home fragrance.


Care Instructions:
- Regularly turn your twigs to reactivate the scent.
- Remove a few twigs to lessen fragrance intensity.
- Change twigs with every new fragrance.
- A scented reed diffuser bouquet filled with 125ml of perfume diffuses for around 8 weeks.
- All of our bouquets are refillable with Maison Berger Paris reed diffuser refills. Every time you use a new perfume in your reed diffuser, you need to renew the diffusing twigs to fully enjoy the scent.
- To optimize the efficiency of your scented reed diffuser, remember the turn the twigs regularly. You can also remove or add twigs to modulate the intensity of the perfume and to make it last longer.


*Please note, we DO NOT ship this product to California, Alaska, or Hawaii.

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